Free game codes to kick off Fall 2018!

We spent a lot of time updating Extrorb – Halloween Edition with some awesome new music, sound effects, and even some additional creepy characters to deal with.

To help celebrate, we have codes for the first 10 people who try to use it!  This will give you the whole game for both Windows 10 and Xbox One!  If you are one of the lucky few, please take time to leave a review in the Xbox One store or Microsoft Store so that others know what you think.  If you redeem the code through the direct Microsoft Store link below it will still apply to Xbox One as well.


Good luck!

The Tresiris Team



New Tresiris clothing and merchandise available through Spreadshirt!

Check out the link below to head over to our storefront.  You can find all types of shirts, hoodies, bags, and even coffee mugs all plastered with your favorite Tresiris logos!  If you don’t like a color of something they make it extremely simple to adjust it any way you want.

Extrorb – Halloween Edition!

Tresiris is ready for Halloween! For a special treat(or trick perhaps?) we have created a few new spooky levels for your enjoyment! Check out Extrorb – Halloween Edition in the Microsoft Store! This is a totally separate game that does not require the original Extrorb Skeeball (although we would be shocked if you didn’t already have it).  You can find this for both Windows 10 and Xbox One at the link below:

Want to check out some videos first?  Check this out:

Happy Halloween!


Block Dropper Skins!

We borrowed some code and materials from Extreme Skeeball and added the ability to choose player skins!  This works for single player and multiplayer Block Battles!  Skin preference is saved so if you find one you like it will stay set for the next time you play.

Also in this release we improved some of the camera movement.  There were some random hiccups that were occurring as the camera tried to follow both players but those seem to be fixed now.

Random side note, we also enabled a 1 day trial so if there is anyone out there who wasn’t quite sure about purchasing now you can try it out first!

Let us know what you think!


Leaderboards, and Xbox Preview Dashboard Sign In

In our release that is getting published right this minute we were able to add global leaderboards!  Each single player level will now have its own separate leaderboard for you to compare your high score versus the world!  So, go ahead, go out there and get a better score than your friends!

Also in this release, which is version, Xbox was able to issue a patch for Xbox Preview Dashboard users.  Something wasn’t communicating correctly and those users were not able to sign in to the game (or any other Creators Collection game for that matter).  Unfortunately, Xbox Live requires you to sign in to play, so that kind of stunk for those players.  We have added in the patch, and it should hopefully fix the problem for these users.  Xbox plans to release a bigger update for all Preview Dashboard users that would accomplish the same thing, but we knew we had some upset players who spent good money on our game, and we don’t want them to wait any longer!  If you had this issue, and this patch still does not solve this problem for you, please email us at and we will report it to Xbox.  Unfortunately that is one of the random costs of using beta software.  Oh well.

Now go out there and show everyone your high scores!


Release 7 – Our most challenging level yet, plus 34 ways to look while playing it!

For our Extrorb release tonight (version 7) we are adding a pretty challenging level to our single and multiplayer lineup.  For this new level, we have removed the in-air controls and you are left using the “traditional” controls on one of the extreme ramps.

That’s not all…  In multiplayer on this map you actually share the ramp with player 2!  You can bounce them off the ramp, off target, or simply roll over them.  It definitely adds some extra fun to this new level.  Expect more of the extreme levels to get this same multiplayer treatment soon.

To top it all off, there are now 34 skeeball skins to choose from!

Release Notes –

  • Skeeball customization! 34 skins to now choose from! 34!
  • New Level “Mountain” added for single and multiplayer – Our hardest level yet!
  • Updated Main Menu to separate single and multiplayer
  • Added small blurb in the “How to Play” section
  • Increased orb speed for all levels
  • Tweaked the physics of the orb slightly
  • Added small amount of motion blur
  • Adjusted timing of orb reset
  • Improved framerates on Xbox One slightly
  • Removed some mini-map cameras to help with performance
  • Fixed the flicker on a few of the levels

Take a spin on this new level…


One more level that will make it into the next update is literally a spinning target!  This one was a little more difficult to put together but overall is lots of fun.  I have made both a single player and local multiplayer version.  Building right now and as long as nothing goes horribly wrong this should be posted and available ASAP.

The spin speed is fairly slow, but I may update this to go slightly faster depending on the feedback I hear.

We’re at it again… Working on Multiplayer for Extrorb!

You are totally seeing double.  However, it’s not quite ready just yet, I need to test this a ton to make sure it all works like I want it to (and that the Xbox One with the limited processor power they allow me can handle it well).  Assuming I haven’t missed anything, this new setup will make it extremely easy to add in more levels (tables?).  Not that adding in new levels is “easy” or anything like that.  Let us know what you think of the other levels so far and feel free to suggest any new extreme levels.  I need to force myself to not hit everyone with a game update every few days so I will try to wait until this one is 100% before submitting it to Microsoft again.

After local multiplayer is finalized, player stats and a leaderboard are next up on the list.

Extrorb is now available on Xbox One!

We worked hard to get Extrorb onto the Xbox One and it is now ready for everyone to enjoy!  Along with Xbox One compatibility we added in the new traditional style arcade level with slightly different physics.  With the traditional style there is no “in air” movement.  Once you jump off the ramp everything depends on your speed and trajectory, much like real skeeball.  Check it out in the Microsoft Store or on your Xbox One in the Creators Collection and don’t forget to leave a review once you have a chance to play!


Block Dropper Weekend Update – 8.13.2017

On Sunday we released some pretty cool updates for Block Dropper on Windows 10 and Xbox One!  The first major update added a multiplayer counter so you can keep track of how many times each of you have won.  The second major update was the addition of a new Block Battle Arena!  You can now choose one of 6 levels to play against your friends.