We’re at it again… Working on Multiplayer for Extrorb!

You are totally seeing double.  However, it’s not quite ready just yet, I need to test this a ton to make sure it all works like I want it to (and that the Xbox One with the limited processor power they allow me can handle it well).  Assuming I haven’t missed anything, this new setup will make it extremely easy to add in more levels (tables?).  Not that adding in new levels is “easy” or anything like that.  Let us know what you think of the other levels so far and feel free to suggest any new extreme levels.  I need to force myself to not hit everyone with a game update every few days so I will try to wait until this one is 100% before submitting it to Microsoft again.

After local multiplayer is finalized, player stats and a leaderboard are next up on the list.

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