Release 7 – Our most challenging level yet, plus 34 ways to look while playing it!

For our Extrorb release tonight (version 7) we are adding a pretty challenging level to our single and multiplayer lineup.  For this new level, we have removed the in-air controls and you are left using the “traditional” controls on one of the extreme ramps.

That’s not all…  In multiplayer on this map you actually share the ramp with player 2!  You can bounce them off the ramp, off target, or simply roll over them.  It definitely adds some extra fun to this new level.  Expect more of the extreme levels to get this same multiplayer treatment soon.

To top it all off, there are now 34 skeeball skins to choose from!

Release Notes –

  • Skeeball customization! 34 skins to now choose from! 34!
  • New Level “Mountain” added for single and multiplayer – Our hardest level yet!
  • Updated Main Menu to separate single and multiplayer
  • Added small blurb in the “How to Play” section
  • Increased orb speed for all levels
  • Tweaked the physics of the orb slightly
  • Added small amount of motion blur
  • Adjusted timing of orb reset
  • Improved framerates on Xbox One slightly
  • Removed some mini-map cameras to help with performance
  • Fixed the flicker on a few of the levels

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