Block Dropper Skins!

We borrowed some code and materials from Extreme Skeeball and added the ability to choose player skins!  This works for single player and multiplayer Block Battles!  Skin preference is saved so if you find one you like it will stay set for the next time you play.

Also in this release we improved some of the camera movement.  There were some random hiccups that were occurring as the camera tried to follow both players but those seem to be fixed now.

Random side note, we also enabled a 1 day trial so if there is anyone out there who wasn’t quite sure about purchasing now you can try it out first!

Let us know what you think!


Block Dropper Weekend Update – 8.13.2017

On Sunday we released some pretty cool updates for Block Dropper on Windows 10 and Xbox One!  The first major update added a multiplayer counter so you can keep track of how many times each of you have won.  The second major update was the addition of a new Block Battle Arena!  You can now choose one of 6 levels to play against your friends.